Saturday, July 21, 2012


First evening in Guangzhou.
Garden Hotel, where we are staying, in the background.
Jie Jie was fast asleep in Jetlag Land.

I bought a little shelf for $15 because the room doesn't have any kind of organizing area. Engineering at the Hotel loaned me a screwdriver. I'll leave the shelf behind when I come home.

The official adoption occurred July 17, 2012.

Sissy had to sign her own adoption papers. From 10 years of age on up, the children must give their consent to be adopted.

This guy was so funny, like Mr. Personality. My guide told me to try not to say anything more than brief answers to the questions because this guy loved to chat and each family was taking over 15 minutes for something that should have taken 3 three minutes.

Sissy got a bit battered by Jie Jie until I turned her around.

This is Sissy eating with the manners she's acquired so far.
Before, she was practically sprawled on the table.

This is area at Walmart where, after checking out, one moves to in order to bag one's merchandise.

Pretty cool!
Notice Sissy wearing long sleeves. I wish I'd brought a sweater for her, even though it's 95F or more outside.

We love to eat here!
The staff perform, singing and dancing, and customers can join them.
I have the greatest video to post later.
These are our Bay Area friends that we'll see once home as Jie Jie said, "This is my best friend."

I saw this last night.
It certainly explains the mouth and teeth!


Princess D said...

Yay, Pictures!
So happy Jie Jie made a new best friend, and that they live close to you back home.
Love the pic of Sissy signing her adoption papers!!! whoo hoo :)

Very pretty dress mama!!!

Anonymous said...

Really nice pictures. Glad you got a charger for your camera! I love the whole "build a shelf" if the hotel doesn't have one!! I feel for Sissy and how cold she can be in the AC. I live in Vegas and know exactly how she feels. Too bad no one sells hooded sweatshirts for tourists!! Jie Jie seems like one precious jewel. Continuing to pray!!
Carolyn (in Las Vegas)

asianalmondtea said...

So funny, the guy who was your notary was our too. He was a total hoot. It took forever, we were there well over an hour waiting for our turn. I blogged about my interactions with him as well. Hysterical!