Monday, July 9, 2012

Portable DVD Player

Thank you for all of your advice. I have decided to get a portable DVD player. I'm out of time and money to mess with the Ipod stuff or other computer-like gizmos. After the frantic pace I've been keeping, I need to know that Jie Jie will have something to entertain herself while I read or sleep myself. I also have plenty of coloring, flash cards, workbooks, to do with her and a cute tiny baby doll.

I have tried to keep ahead of everything and stay so organized, but I'm still frantically rushing to finish all that needs doing. Packing is finally mostly done, I only need to add hair things. I didn't realize that the weight limits were different than my last trip and airline so I had to really work hard to get it all under the limit. I'm taking 4 carry-ons, when I'd hoped for only three. They are the suitcase with Jie Jie's medical stuff and three backpacks. The third backpack contains the things that made the suitcases overweight and are part of Jie Jie's needs.

Jie Jie is getting her AFOs or SMOs today! They were delivered today. We go for a fitting in a couple hours and then go to physical therapy with them tomorrow. See what I mean about frantically fitting stuff in down to the wire?

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