Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rough Day, Good Ending

Today was the Consulate Appointment. There is a small glitch in that a typhoon made landfall during the night, right on us, so it's pouring rain. We got the medical report a little late, but still in time and we're right on target for leaving tomorrow by train to Hong Kong for the night before catching our flight on Thursday. But...and it's a big one...

Sissy did her bad thing again in public and it was so bad that later in the afternoon, the lady at the Consulate who helped me, called me at the hotel to make sure I wanted to be Sissy's mother and bring her home. Before any of this happened, this woman even asked me, just based on Sissy's appearance and mannerisms, if she was mentally delayed. Jie Jie is getting traumatized and had to cover her eyes and not look at what was going on. I've already got a plan in place to shield her from this kind of thing once we're home.

However, for every huge episode we have, we then gain a few steps. Sissy took a long time, but she finally came around this afternoon and was helpful with packing and cheerful at dinner. She is finally asking pertinent questions about our home. She still doesn't seem to remember that I've told her these things before and showed her video, but perhaps previously she was too overwhelmed for it to make any sense.

I am starting to see how I can handle her better. Unfortunately, it requires a LOT of time. She seems to need a lot of time sulking in private before she can process what she ought to do that would be the right decision. I'm pretty sure now that this is what her caregiver was trying to tell me. It's less about pouting and more about having a really long cooling off period. Maybe.

I did get a sincere apology and my second real hug from her tonight and she's gone to bed with a smile on her face.

Jie Jie got her Barbie, but it's not the fancy one in the picture. That one's hair was sewn into its style so she couldn't brush it. She chose another one and had fun playing. I can't wait until she is home and can play with them in the dollhouse.

I did take a couple of pictures today, but I've already packed and the camera cable is in the suitcase. The typhoon did have high enough winds to break some tree branches and bring a ton of rain, but it's already passing by.

I'm returning home quite fat. I've eaten waffles, bacon, rice, eggs, pastries, fruit, baked beans, cabbage, and more every day. Just for breakfast! Every day, all of these things. In the same meal!

The clothes I brought were perfect. I did't end up wearing two sundresses. One needed a tshirt underneath and it was too hot. The other felt too light, like I needed to wear a slip, but I did use it as a pool wrap. I swam only once here, mostly because Jie Jie doesn't want to swim. I hope to swim in Hong Kong with Jie Jie. She is almost able to swim by herself.

Big day tomorrow. I need to get to bed!


Judy said...

I have been following your blog and praying for you and your new daughter. If it makes you feel better, we had very similar public behavior from our daughter when we adopted her from Wenzhou at age 10 1/2 5 years ago. It will get better- it took about 3 months after getting home for the tantrums, etc to subside. Our daughter speaks fluent Mandarin and Catonese. So, if you need her to speak with your daughter once youare home, email me and we can help!! Just hang in there!! Judy

Anonymous said...

I too am following your blog! I am Zeke's sister. I have cried and prayed over your daughters as i read... Im thanking God for the incredible Strength and wisdom he has given you in this time! Dear precious sissy, she IS feeling alone.. You are doing an amazing job of recognizing her journey of feelings. zeke is LOVING the photos!

Joannah said...

K, you are an amazing lady! I am so impressed by your strength and determination in light of how difficult this transition is for all three of you. I think your no-nonsense approach is going to be very good for S in the long run. Hang in there!

Eliza2006 said...

K! I can't believe how strong you are. I have tears in my eyes reading this post as I know how difficult things must be. I'm praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. You are an AMAZING Mother to your girls. I pray that Sissy will overcome her cullture shock and quickly bond with you and Jie Jie. She definitely will need to play and friend other girls who were adopted at a similar age from a similar circumstance. As she learns to process her adoption there will be much she may want to share with her peers. She will definitely grieve over the loss of the familiar routine of her SWI. Blessings to you and your kids in the coming days and weeks.