Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thank you!

We are about to check out and catch the train to Hong Kong. Sissy has been on her best behavior all day! There is hope here!

Thank you for your prayers. I'm feeling them. We'll be home soon.

Please add a prayer for Jie Jie's health. I think her infection has returned. Don't worry to much, I do have a whole bottle of her antibiotic and I could be mistaken, but I'm following missed clues from early-onset last time just in case. I'll be glad to have another culture done upon our return home.


John G. said...

Blessings for safe travels. Jie will be fine and Sissy is going to do great!

I believe some of what Sissy is going through is all the feelings and stress of the unknown and uncertainty. She is leaving everything she has ever known. The food, language, people, culture will be different and it is a big adjustment for anyone.

We will continue to pray for all of you.

Hugs from CT
Caroline, John and Hannah Grace

kim647 said...

Praying for a safe return and a healthy one for everyone.

Carrie said...

Keeping you all in my prayers! Love following your journey!

Princess D said...

Continued prayers! Hope you got to really enjoy your surroundings as I know you love their country. I also know that with two daughters you had family things to handle too and were not just there for sight seeing. Glad that Sissy had a good day and hope that Jie Jie is well :)