Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Medical Exam & Pictures

I told Sissy about the medical exam the night before, but didn't tell her about the vaccinations until the same morning, thank heavens! By the time we arrived at the clinic, which is very nice compared to the old one, she was a basket case. When her turn came to start the exam, she fell apart, squatting on the floor and refusing to get up. I finally just picked her up and onto the examination couch where she curled into a tiny ball of crying child. The doctor was a woman and very kind and tolerant. I managed to stretch Sissy out enough to get a stethoscope on her chest, then the doctor asked me to remove Sissy's shorts and panties a bit. I did, she took a quick peek, then was finished. Sissy then relaxed enough to walk out to the next couple of stations where her ears, eyes, blood pressure, height and weight were checked.

In the room for the injections, she rolled up again and my guide, Michael, came to my rescue. He told her that if she relaxed it would be easier and hurt less and that the nurses were very skilled at doing injections. If she continued to give them a hard time, he would give the injections and he's not good at it since he usually doesn't do it and it would hurt much more if he did it because he'd just ram the needle in any which how. The nurse played along and Sissy immediately straightened up and stuck out her arm. The nurses truly were good at it and the needles were tiny. Sissy had three injected vaccinations, one oral polio one and an injected TB test. She pouted for a long time afterward, but was clearly relieved and agreed that the pain was much less than the fear she'd worked herself up to.

I was supermom through the entire medical exam. Two weeks ago, I was a basket case over the vaccinations, but felt much better about them once I knew they'd be ones she'd had before and I didn't need to worry about an adverse reaction.

I've given her acetaminophen twice for arm pain and it's helped. She also seems to be starting a mild sniffle, not related to the vaccinations, as it began this morning before we went to the clinic. She is NOT used to air conditioning and has complained a lot of being cold. I wish I'd brought a sweater with me, but at least I have an undershirt and one long sleeve shirt which she wore to breakfast and was happy with. She gave me a lot of, "Xei xei, mamas."

Sissy is eager to love and be loved and is dying to begin her new life in the States as soon as possible. She was ready to walk out of the civil affairs office before we'd done anything official and she constantly asks when we'll fly home.


kimjax said...
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Sherri said...

Oh yes! Zeke complains of air conditioning all the time, especially in the van. The up side is that he doesn't mind at all being outside in this extreme heat we are having. One day we were working outside...I had to come in due to the heat and he was still going strong. Have plenty of long sleeve shirts and light jackets...she'll want them! And yes, I do think the SWI treated the children very well. It does make some adjustments difficult but is so much better than the neglect that is seen at many orphanages. Love the pictures...she is so beautiful!

Donna said...

Pictures pictures!! Keep em coming :0)