Friday, July 6, 2012

Tight Focus

This last week has been about Jie Jie and me. It's been hard to have a spare thought for Sissy and I'll tell you why. During the last 14 months, Jie Jie and I have established a routine. Better said, I have learned how to care for Jie Jie in our home and in certain public places. Now I have to pack that all up and take it to the other side of the world and it's all-consuming. I cannot dare forget anything. I have to pack so that I can manage it all on my own. I have to secure the house, the pets, my life here, so that I have it to return to. I'm experiencing little glitches. I think my pet sitter just left a message saying she's going to be out-of-town for some of the time I will be. Very stressful! Right when I finally found someone else to come in the middle of the day to give Henry his medicine, now I have to come up with a twice a day feeder, too.

I'm taking The Rig, as I call the new stroller, out and about as often as possible so I can get used to it. I'm having trouble collapsing it. If I let it hit the ground, the front parts will get a scuffed on the pavement and this drives me bonkers. I've watched the video and it's not helped. I need to call the place I bought it from and get some pointers. My back is killing me from wrestling this beast and from carrying The Bag too often. The Bag is my purse and Jie Jie's stuff and it's HEAVY! Notice long spells without pictures? It's because I've taken the camera out of the bag, along with some other things, to try and lighten it up.

There's been a glitch with Jie Jie's visa over her name change from her Chinese passport to her new American one. I submitted all the requested documentation and then some. The good news is that I should finally have it tomorrow. I'm glad the stress over this is over. This was a big one.

One the positive side, I found some sandals to bring to China. We don't get much of a summer here, so a pair of flip flops is about all I have for hot weather footwear and some church-wear sandals that aren't good for walking long in. Bad news is that they are the most expensive shoes I have ever bought in my life. I hate inflation and the 9.75% sales tax I have to pay!

However, I do refer to myself now as The Girl With The Golden Feet and they'd better be worth every cent I paid and not put one single blister on any part of my feet.

Another positive is that I picked up a few more clothing items for myself. This is major. I've not had new clothes, except essentials, in YEARS so that I could save up for my precious children. However, 97 degree summer heat, even for 2.5 weeks, is compelling and all the summer stuff is starting to go on sale now. I feel pretty again in my new clothes and will be as stylish as my girls, which I hope makes them feel proud of their mama. Best of all, these are clothes that will keep me as cool as possible and can be used here in layers, some all year long.

Today's tasks that were accomplished:

Get through another work day
Buy shoes for myself
Find buttons and sew them on a top for myself
Get the van smog check done
Pick up the livingroom so we can walk to the front door

Things I wished I'd gotten done:

Get Sissy's clothes sorted and put in the Staging Area
Size 4 clothes up to the attic
McClaren stroller up to the attic
Cook dinner (we went out - again)
Sewn myself a skirt
Taken the van in for a break service
Taken a relaxing bath

I think I'll actually take that bath now...


Lynnea said...

Once again...I'm in awe.
Very smart to buy "quality" sandals. You won't regret it...just wear them now to make sure they don't give you blisters!
And I'm assuming you use a backpack for Jie Jie's "stuff"??
I LOVE my ebag. It is sooo worth the price.
Have a blessed weekend!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog and you are doing a wonderful job as a single mom. I admire your energy and your organization! Your girls will have a wonderful life. Look forward to following your China adventure!
Anne in AZ

Princess D said...

I think they'll be more proud of all the things you've accomplished! It doesn't hurt though to have a stylish mom ;)

Chris said...

so happy for your upcoming travel!!!
You have been super busy, and doing so well on your own:)
One more week, and you will be on your way to your sweetie!!!!
So excited-brings back LOTS of memories

Chrissy said...

Your girls will always know the inner beauty their mother exudes but I am glad that you splurged a little for some pretty new things for yourself. Again I am wishing I lived closer so I could help out. I would be there in a minute to feeds the furry kids. I am wondering what Sissy's level of excitement is as this day speeds closer!

Renate said...

you are super womam!