Monday, July 23, 2012

Today's Photos

We took the subway then the free bus to the Safari Park.
The weather was perfect, not too hot, as a typhoon is heading our way.

These animals are so beautiful and unique.

Sissy's natural state, most of the time.

Thank heavens I can crop the photo.
Jie Jie and her newly adopted friend, who lives about 40 minutes from us in the States.

More flattering photo after mama poses Sissy.

This is actually a trash can, but the kids love to pose om it.

These lemurs were trained to stay in this area. They weren't tethered at all. Jie Jie touched the tail of one before the keeper told her not to.

Jordan the Koala and me.

Jie Jie with Jordan.

Sissy with Jordan.

These little monkeys could swim!

The amigos were so excited that it sprinkled and they got to use the rain gear I'd brought.

Yep, Jie Jie and I rode the elephant again.
See the top of her head?

Jie Jie didn't remember this from her adoption trip.
She'd been looking forward to riding the elephant for a long time.

I gave the elephant her banana treat.
She grabbed it from my hand with her trunk.

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Renate said...

Do we see Sissy smiling on the trash can? Tell her she looks so pretty when she smiles.