Saturday, July 28, 2012

Travel Pictures

I love when they hold hands!
Day of the Consulate Appointment.

After the Consulate Appointment as things turned sour.

Leaving the beautiful Garden Hotel.

In the van, on our way to the train station.
The first leg of our journey home.

In famous Hong Kong!

Hong Kong Station was crazy!
There was some kind of show about to start and everyone came to the station for dinner first.

A little dinner in Hong Kong.
Luckily, we had our own makeshift table because it was too crowded to get a real table.

Very aptly named.
The Regal was a fantastic hotel! You get what you pay for.

The Hotel is truly connected to the airport.
This was outside the window.
And a walk through the hotel lobby brings one to the international terminal check-in counters.
Yes, right outside the window!

This is when I really got some serious respect for kjax, who did this alone with three girls, two of them newly adopted!
I was so scared Sissy would act up,
I shed a few tears this morning while praying.

Sissy was doing well, excited for her first plane ride.

No fear here, only excitement!

Sissy was enthralled, Jie Jie hiding disappointment that Sissy got the window seat and dealing with a runny nose and dry, irritated throat.

After the quick flight to Narita, Japan, the girls settled into the 777 and saw that they got to watch The Lorax.

I always love the sunrise from 40k feet and made sure the girls got to see it.

Each got their first set of wings.

A new United States Citizen!

Jie Jie didn't quite make it home awake.

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Princess D said...

Love that they got to see the sunrise up above and their set of wings :)
Holy Moly what size was that bed!!! Did you get to hear the planes taking off as well?
So glad that the flights home went alright!