Monday, July 16, 2012

Very Special Day in Yugan

It's hard to relay all that our visit to Yugan was, but I have to say I am extremely glad that we were able to make this trip. Those close to me know how dicey it was and I know there were several of you who felt I should not have pushed onward once Jie Jie fell ill, but I had a feeling we MUST come and I now know why. It was the right thing to do for so many reasons and Jie Jie LOVED every second of it, as did I, most importantly, her health was fine the entire time.
The people of the Yugan SWI are some of the most special on earth. Their devotion to the children is remarkable. The love they have for my daughter and the other children in their care in beyong description. They were so grateful that they were able to see my daughter again so soon and her Po Po had tears in her eyes the entire day.
I was able to interact with my daughter's "brother," the little boy she was raised with, and he was delightful. I must make every effort to connect this boy to his forever family so that he is near us in the States. He got into the car with Jie Jie and had a fit when we pulled him out. He wanted to come with me so badly. Luckily, he allowed me, and only me, to take him from the car and I whispered promises to him that his turn to have a family will come and then I handed him to his Po Po. He is smart and funny and trapped in a forever-tiny body that can run and jump and play like any boy, just on his scale.
I met a 10 year old boy who look to have CP. He is also smart and funny and over came his shyness in an instant to allow me to video record him in the hope of finding a family for him, too. He is the oldest child there.
One of Jie Jie's friends has died. He was a young boy with a severe birth defect, complicated athrogryposis, I think. I didn't tell her until we were leaving in the care and the way she looked at me and demanded, "Mama, now tell me where Shoong Shoong is," told me that she already knew the answer and just needed to hear the words. She paused for about five long seconds then cried and cried. My heart broke. However, I spoke of Eternal Life and the gift of our Savior and she was comforted.
I held a premature baby that claimed me. Everyone gasped at the look this baby gave me, staring deeply and intently into my eyes, branding me for life. The knowledge that she will be loved and well-cared for and made ready for adoption as soon as possible is what gave me strength enough to put her back in the crib and walk away.
The Yugan SWI is under remodelling, mostly a badly needed facelift. There is scraps of constructions materials, tile, horrific amounts of dust and debris everywhere. It's quite hazardous. It's filthy. It's primitive. But the children are clean and loved and have enough to eat, beds to sleep on and clothes on their bodies. They have what they need under normal circumstances, but need more for the ill children and those with special needs.
I was able to see my daughter's entire file and a pile of pictures they are keeping, many of which I have copies of because they gave me copies when I adopted Jie Jie. I asked for and was given the red overalls she was wearing in her referral pictures, which was the outfit she most wore and loved. It is a treasured gift. In her file was also a baby footprint, which I now have.
The best word to describe our experience on this day is AMAZING!

My happy traveller on the way from Hong Kong to Guangzhou.


Princess D said...

I'm glad that the visit did you both well and that you will be able to do some advocacy for them as well.

John G. said...

What a blessing that you could return so soon to Yugan. I wish I realized sooner you were going to the Yugan orphanage, I would have given you some pictures to share with them of our daughter.

Amazing! Glad to hear it is a great experience.

Renate said...

73 oppnic
Oh my, what a story.Made me cry.

Lynnea said...

I do believe you just met "your" Apple...
So enjoying following your journey and Sissy is beautiful and the perfect fit for you!
Blessings and love!
Enjoy the rest of the trip. :)

Catherine said...

What a gift to all of you to be able to share this experience together. I'm so glad you followed your heart and moved forward with the visit. I pray someday Hannah and I will be able to visit her SWI.

Thank you for doing this for Jie Jie...and also for those who loved and cared for her for the first years of her life. Great job Mommy!!