Thursday, July 26, 2012

We Are Home!

We made it! Thank you for all of your prayers, Sissy was wonderful. She didn't do anything but watch one movie on the plane because she wouldn't read the book I gave her or do the various other activities, but she knew she had to stay patiently in her seat and she did! I gave her one scolding in the airport in Japan because she gets right into the business of the security people inspecting the bags so she behaved after that. Immigrations wasn't too bad at all.

While still in Hong Kong, we met a single mom with an 8 year-old who behaved EXACTLY as Sissy did, not following, refusing to hold on, etc... Sissy was appalled, but at the same time, I could see that she saw herself in this behavior.

When we got home, I thought she was saying the house was dirty, but she was saying it was big. She's already motivated and asking me to teach her English. I'm relieved because I do plan to start lessons next week. She doesn't figure out gestures and signs and pointing, etc... so language is necessary ASAP.

She doesn't like the cats or cat hairs. She will soon be used to them. With 8 cats in the house, she has not choice. I sure missed my pets and they missed me. My oldest cat Rose is so happy I'm home, she's barely left my side and I'm getting tons of love and affection from all buy my youngest, who's yet to come greet me.

I've got the laundry started, already dropped off a specimen of Jie Jie's at the medical lab for testing, and some basic groceries. I've got one suitcase completely unpacked and another nearly there. Last trip it took me weeks to unpack and a year to get the last pile up off the floor. That's not happening this time! I've already switched back to my normal Jie Jie Go Bag and ditched my small travel bag that keeps my money and passports right against my front and Sissy's eyes widened at that.

Same as with Jie Jie, Sissy was thrilled and excited that I could drive. I think that has already gained some respect for me by just seeing our home and all that I've accomplished. A friend brought dinner over. It's 6:59pm and we've all bathed, and the girls are in bed for the night!

I am Super Mama!

Any tips for packing lighter for my next trip are greatly appreciated!


Anonymous said...

As a single mom who adopted four from China - I can say that the best packing experience was the last one. All of us went carry on only! The kids were great about it and it is certainly do-able!

kim647 said...

Glad that you all made it back safe a sound and everyone behaved. Best of luck with the weeks to come. I can not wait to follow your next journey. We are still waiting and are at month 57.


Sherri said...

Good for you! Use that adrenalin while you've still got some! I know you will be a great teacher!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home! Thanks for sharing your trip. Now for the JOURNEY!! It seems that Sissy is "getting it" but it will likely take a long time. You have lots of patience and an indomitable spirit and good things are bound to keep coming.

Carolyn (in Las Vegas)

Eliza2006 said...

Yay! It must feel so good to be home! You really are super mom! I have a lot to learn from you and can't wait to hear about day to day life at home.

Catherine said...

Welcome Home! Praying for you as you take the next big steps of moving forward at home as a family of 3! Glad to hear Sissy did so well on the trip!

John G. said...

It's great to hear you are home. Sounds like you are already settling in.

Sissy will be fine with some love and sometime adjusting.

The blessings will continue.

nancy said...

I am so happy that things well for you and the girls on your trip home. Sissy will realize how blessed she is and with some time and structure, life will continue to settle into a routine. You are really doing a great job, and yes you are a Super Mama! Blessings.

kimjax said...

Welcome home, friend! Glad all went well - now get some rest!

Just the 6 of us! said...

When I look at the pictures on your friends blog of "Sissy" watching Zeke get adopted I think you right. I think the entire process is extremely confusing to her. I think she can see that things are different (for example Zeke is gone) but the rest is a mystery. I wonder if she ever saw "models" or "examples" of different types of family units. Hopefully in this new environment she will flourish & thrive. The cats will probably end up helping her adjustment go smoother. Sometimes a child that has a hard time expressing themselves verbally can open their heart & connect with a pet.

Joannah said...

You are Super Mama! Pat yourself on the back. :)

Princess D said...

You are Super Mama! Glad things went well for your travel day home, and that you are home :) That Jie Jie can get back to her normal routine of home life, and Sissy can learn what home life and family are all about. That you can all learn more from each other and become closer as a family.
Sorry I have no tips for you on traveling light (I'm an overpacker for one ;) )