Sunday, July 22, 2012

We Found the Fish...and Other Tails!

Jie Jie at breakfast.

Sissy at breakfast.

The garden at the Garden Hotel

Jie Jie on the little bridge.


Family of 3.

The bottle-fed fish!

Even Sissy tried it after having mama help her.

Jie Jie didn't need any urging.
She'd been looking forward to this.

The Barbie Jie Jie really wanted.
It was about $15.

The Barbie she acutally got, $7.
Now I wish I'd spent more getting her the other because she's been so excellent on this trip, she deserves it.
Perhaps I'll go back and get it.


kimjax said...

After reading your last posts, I went back to my Jan. posts with my oldest dd to compare experiences. I was shocked to see the same sort of slouchy, deer in the headlights look with our dd! She is completely different now in the security of a family she's familiar with - I can barely remember that first week but the pics are telling. Hang in there friend - my Feb. posts were full of irritation, lol - but she's such a joy now. Praying for you!

Lynnea said...

Oh yes! You should....she has been a trooper!! :)
And can't wait to see Sissy at HOME.
It may not get "easy" but it does get better just being HOME.
But we LOVE China too....enjoyt the Garden. Crazy fancy huh?!?!?
Enjoy the journey.

Anonymous said...

Hello... I'm just some random stranger who loves to read your blog and has been following your adventures for a while. Great blog; you certainly have an eventful life and you have your hands full with your two girls.

I haven't read all of your old posts, so I don't know if this has been brought up, but do you know if Sissy has ever been evaluated for Marfan's Syndrome? The first thing that struck me was the mention of the long fingers, and then the head always pushing forward and the shape of her jaw. I'm a teacher and have had quite a few students with this disorder that seems to be getting more prevalent, and she does seem to many of the indicators.

If this was already brought up, then please forgive my intrusion. I hope I am mistaken, even though it is not life-threatening.

I hope things get better with you and Sissy and that she adapts quickly. 12 is a hard age, and moving in with a different family and to a different country has got to be very disorienting and scary for her.

keep up your good work.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there my friend. You are so brave. This is God's plan, for his glory, and your good, sissy's good, Jie Jie's GOOD. It sounds so hard and I can so relate. I am praying for you ALL. Thank you for being so honest. When you get on your own turf, I pray things will slowly begin to shift. You are right, it sounds like she was so sheltered. Many people fear adopting older because of what they may have been exposed to etc. Just the opposite for my girls, they didn't even know the earth was round! Never saw a globe!
Press on! We are praying.

Vickie said...


Not sure if you realize this but Chloe is Paisley's (Ai Chun) new sister. If that helps to tell her she wrote the letter?
And yes, the girls love teacher (Paisley still tells me about her) and don't really know they are leaving her.

Getting that through to her now is so great, you are on the right road:)

If it can help to Skype, we are Minsibs4 but if you think it might not be good that's fine too.

Just know you are doing great!!!(don't worry about that "boot you out the door at 18" it's normal thoughts with stress) and keep doing what you are doing- loving her and seeing the good. She's a gem with rough edges and will shine like crazy once she has smoothed out:)
Our prayers are with you.
Vickie--Chloe, Paisley, Chance, Chase and Kat's (all from China+ a few more homegrowns) mom

Anonymous said...

Admire your strength, forth-rightness and willingness to share your experience(s) with us.

You are in my thoughts and prayers from Delaware.

Princess D said...

Love the pics of both girls feeding the fish--I've never heard/seen that before!
Jie Jie looks so happy with the barbie she has, even if it's not her "dream barbie". If you do get her the other one I can't wait to see that girl's face light up :)

K said...

No Marfan's here. Thank you for your suggestion, though. Sissy isn't very tall and she's got good proportions, arms not too long at all and fingers, though long, are within normal.