Saturday, July 21, 2012

We Had a Better Day!

We certainly felt your prayers and thank you for them! Sissy was motivated to try very hard to behave today and, with a little help from mama, she succeeded! She even showed a kindness to her sister at the restaurant on her own.

Jie Jie wanted to sit next to her best friend, but Sissy had already taken that seat. While Sissy was in the restroom, I let Jie Jie sit in it. When Sissy returned, she wanted her seat back and I wanted her to move to another seat. She started to give me a hard time, and it was, after all, her seat. Well, when Jie Jie moved, she broke down and cried. Jie Jie rarely cries so I knew this meant a lot to her. On her own, Sissy gave up her seat to Jie Jie! There is a golden heart in my new daughter. I was very proud of her and made sure she knew it.

I've discovered, as you can see by the last pictures, that Sissy still sucks her thumb. I might have been able to chalk it up to a bit of regression due to the adoption, but the fact that she covers her face with her blanket while sleeping and the shape of her mouth and teeth gives it away that she is still an active thumb sucker. I will show her the picture, but I'll not put any restriction on her about it since I want her to be able to have something of comfort at this difficult time in her life.

Karen (at Heartsent) please tell families to bring a sweater for their new child, even in 100F weather. The air conditioner freezes my daughter, even though I think it's rather low in the lobby and restaurantss. The area she comes from is more tropical than even Guangzhou and she is super thin and wearing thinner clothes than she's ever worn before. Luckily for Sissy, I don't use the air at all in our room because I find it too chilly myself. Her one and only long sleeved shirt I've got was for the plane ride home. It's going to be a rag by then! I've been to the clothing market and they have only summer things.

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Princess D said...

Very proud of the new big sister!