Wednesday, August 15, 2012

64 Months Waiting

Some day, I'll not be waiting any more and I'll have all three of my children home.


Jeanne said...

sGod willing,,,,,,,,,it will be soon.

Karen said...

Well...we have about 3 years to decide if it's still a task we want to peruse, I suppose. Our third renewal came up, and the agency told us the government no longer grandfathers them in, so the agency will contact us about 2 months prior to when they expect ours to come up...of course that will be a guess when they come up with the "2 month" status. My daughter still talks about her sister, and wants to buy things for her. It's so sad, because after a full 5 years and 8 months we're leaning toward her being an only child. We don't know for sure, so nothing is set in stone...but that is where we are leaning, especially if it will be another 2-3 years. Our first daughter will be 11 by then, and ready for junior high. Im just not sure I want to be a single mom again for years to come after she leaves the nest. I did that with my son, after he left home, by adopting our first daughter. My heart is so broken...I feel as if Im grieving for a child that has never even been in existence yet. I suppose Im grieving for the loss of that dream of that child. then again, who knows? Id like to say we will still be waiting...i just can't tell what the future holds. So sad that so many waiting parents have been put through this with their first children, and all for the sake of continuing to raise the parentless children within China's borders, orphanages, and foster homes. But, I suppose that is also how it already has worked here in the US for many, many years as well. Just sad to see the dreams lost.