Thursday, August 2, 2012

Continuing to Do Well

Sissy is continuing to do very well. Today there wasn't any sulleness at all over anything. She is working hard at her school work. She understands that if she doesn't do well homeschooling, she will have to go to public school and she really wants to stay at home.

I haven't seen any tears for a couple of days at night, but she may still be grieving on her own. I know she misses China and all she had there. Her own true bravery and strength are now showing and I really respect that in her.

She's eating well, which I'm very grateful for. In China, she didn't eat much and it was hard to get her to eat a balanced meal. Here at home, it's not trouble at all.

From my perspective today, I think that the dramatic turn around in her behavior was exactly what I mentioned before... I seem much more capable, in her eyes, here in my own environment, the environment itself is pleasing to her, and, our routine is compatible with what she's used to.

So, what is our routine? I get up and get ready first. I wake up the girls. Jie Jie gets the bathroom first, while Sissy makes her bed and gets dressed. Then they switch and Sissy gets the bathroom while Jie Jie gets dressed. Then, I do their hair, they eat breakfast and it's time to join the daycare. I'm having Sissy join Circle Time with the daycare so she gets exposed to childhood songs and English from another person beside myself. After Circle Time, it's outdoor time, which, today, was a good walk to the bank. Once home, it's lunch time, daycare kids take naps, then it's school time.

On most days, though, school time starts directly after Circle Time. The girls only got through one math worksheet today. It was a stretch for both of them, for some reason. Sissy was working on simple division and struggled, but did it. Jie Jie worked on addition problems with sums up to 20, which was a stretch for her. She still relies on beads to count, but totally understands the concept. It feels like she's always been with me, but the reality is that she I brought her home only 16 months ago. That's not long at all!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing, I really enjoy reading your blog and am glad that Sissy is settling in well. You are doing a great job being mama to your two beautiful girls. Blessings to you and your family.

Mama Jama said...

Hi there! I am so glad to see that things are going well - blessings to you all.

Please forgive me if this comes off as nosy, which admittedly, it is - but I've been wondering.

When I read about the things you do with your kids during the day while your daycare is in operation, I assume you have workers minding the other kids?

Also, do the daycare parents know / agree to having their babies held by your daughters? You didn't mention and to be honest if those babies were mine and I thought I was leaving them with adults but someone is posting their pics on blog while being held by kids, I don't know that I'd be happy. I'm sure you did ask for permission, but was just curious.


K said...

I do have assistants for my daycare. The baby that my daughters are holding in the pictures is not a daycare baby, but the child of a friend who gave me permission to post the pictures. My daughters do not help out in the daycare, that's my job, not theirs.

Anonymous said...

It is so nice to hear how things are going with both girls. Even when Sissy is sure to have some difficult times ahead, it seems likely that she will endure them and grow stronger in her love for her family. I know from your descriptions that you run your home day care very carefully. I used in-home day care for my daughter for years and it was THE BEST!
I hope you continue to have time to update your blog so well. I love hearing and seeing!!
Carolyn (in Las Vegas)

Sherri said...

Long division...WOW! Z is doing 2nd grade math...whizzing thru it pretty fast but definitely in need of the review...does not have the subtraction concept down pat yet. I'd say Sissy is doing well! So happy to hear things are going better....I think you are SO right about our ineptness in Ch*na! Poor kiddos, it has to be hard for them :)

K said...

Not long division, just basic, the opposite of the times tables, no remainders or anything like that.