Saturday, August 4, 2012

Family Day

I'm sorry I didn't take pictures. My aunty come up from Fresno and spent the day with us. It was fun. Jie Jie had her trampoline class in the morning so we all went to that. While Jie Jie was in class, my aunty and I worked with Sissy on math. My aunty is a math teacher and has raised six kids of her own.

Next was lunch out then some fun at home, singing and dancing in English and Mandarin. Sissy really loves to sing and is very good at it. She has a lovely voice and is right in tune.

Jie Jie had fun, too, but the group fun is a little hard for her. She's used to being the star and leader and doesn't quite know her place in a group. It's something I noticed in the last few months. Being in the trampoline class will help, as will other types of socialization and having a sister.

My newest daughter is really falling in love with me and with having a mom. I said that I love having two daughters and she said she loves having one mommy. She's always called me mommy. She watched me wash Jie Jie's hair tonight and really appreciates my skin at it, as strange as that may seem. I whipped up some fried rice out of nothing and she thought it was exceptionally good. It was. My secret was using a packet of potsticker sauce. She kept walking around saying how good it smelled, too.

I wish I had the luxury of learning Mandarin from her without having to teach her English first. My Mandarin really takes off being around her, as it did while I was in China, but I know I'll lose it again as Sissy begines to speak more and more English.

Sissy is blooming right now. It's very exciting to see. As her mannerisms and posture change, her beauty and sparkling personality are shining through more and more. She's really worked hard on her posture and remembering to close her mouth and on her table manners. I'm very impressed. She is smart. I can't wait for her to find her talents and interests and shine.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you - praise the Lord!

Julie said...

You really are super mom! Congratulations and well done. I have been following along for a while now and love reading your updates.

shelley said...

So nice to hear of all this wonderfulness in your home. I admit, I was a little worried when I read your updates from China, but we see what love can do.

Eliza2006 said... should write a book! I love reading these updates! You are an inspiration!

gail said...

I have tried finding your email address in your profile and I am not finding it. I will just post mine.

The shoes are 9 and 10. Woo Hoo

There is a pair of 7's, but they are what is called "hatch backs". The back of the shoe will open to allow the foot to go in.

Please put AFO shoes in subject line so I don't delete it.