Friday, August 3, 2012

It's Happening!

Yes, it is, one of my most favorite parts of becoming a mom. My daughter is falling in love with me and I am falling more deeply in love with her. By the minute.

It was hair washing night for Sissy again and I got the same compliment as before. She loves how thoroughly I wash her hair. It makes me a good mother in her eyes. Then the ritual of tucking in and kisses. Tonight I also did Little Piggies with the littlest going wee, wee, wee, wee all the way home. She thought that was a riot. I asked her if Teacher did that and she said no, but that Jie Jie did that. I think that this Jie Jie is a girl who aged out but still resides at the orphanage. We have pictures of her. After this, she reached out her arm to me and said, in English, "I love you." Yep, I melted inside. I then asked in Mandarin, "A little bit?" And she said, "No." I made my hands bigger and bigger and she said, "Yes!"

That is progress! I am doing it right and our bond is growing. She is accepting my love and giving love in return even through her grief. This is what it's all about, in case you've not adopted and gone through this yet, and it feels wonderful! All parents want to know that their child is doing well and this was a huge indicator to me that Sissy is textbook perfect for this step in our new life together as a family.

Today is also our one week home mark.


Dennis and Karen said...

You have me crying. What a beautiful time in your lives!

Princess D said...

Whoops, signed in again on parents' computer. Sorry about that, previous post was mine!

kimjax said...

You're an awesome mom!

Catherine said...

Great job Mom!!!