Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Progress Every Single Day

I'm sorry I'm not posting pictures. I have such limited time on the computer. It takes time to download them from the camera then edit them for posting. The upside, is that the laundry is all done, folded, and ready to be put away, most of the house is clean, my girls are getting a lot of my time, and I'm having a little time each night to watch the Olympic Gymnastics.

I had Chinese-speaking sister missionaries come over tonight and they gave Sissy her first set of scriptures, in Chinese, of course, and I ordered a picture set in Chinese that will be more easy for her to understand. They also taught Sissy how to pray and I had them explain to her that there is power in prayer and that she can ask Heavenly Father for comfort when she's grieving and ask Him to bless her friends that she misses so much.

After talking about her friends tonight, of course, she came to me after being tucked into bed, sobbing, but it didn't last long and we had our special time together. She's back in bed saying she's very happy. She really is a very sweet girl. Sweet is a bit of a quaint term, but it's the word that keeps coming up to describe her. I can only conclude that what she displayed in China was simply intense fear and confusion. I can't wait until I know her enough to look back and figure it out. Honestly, the memory of the trouble we had is already fading, being replaced by such great new memories here.

We had a fun day. I took the girls and three of my daycare kids to the Chabot Space and Science Center. I have fun pictures that I'll post this weekend. We had a picnic lunch afterward.

Sissy continues to love all the meals I make. She always asks if it's Chinese food, but it doesn't matter that it's not, she loves it all. She didn't like leafy salads in China, but here she loves them. Tonight I asked her about it and she said that she likes the way I make it. She drinks milk, cold, without any problems, too. She adds a word or two of English to her vocabulary each day.

Yesterday, Sissy finally got on the trampoline for the first time. She loved it! It was very fun, everything I ever imagined it would be with two girls. It's so fun having a larger family.


Anonymous said...

Such precious moments!

asianalmondtea said...

Thanks for keeping your readers updated. We are adopting an 11 year old at the end of this month and we are following your and Sissy's progress!

Sherri said...

Just love reading about Sissy. First time on the tramp...it was so fun here too!