Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We Are Doing Well

Sissy sure is night and day from how she behaved in China. We have our routine down already. It was much easier than with Jie Jie because I was also learning to manage her special need and Sissy hasn't got one.

I've already starting homeschooling. It gives both girls something to do during the day. Jie Jie picked up where she left off and Sissy is doing math. She's got some multiplication tables memorized, but not all and there are huge gaps. Like she'll know 7x7, but not 3x4. She also didn't know how to figure out the answers. I gave her a jar of beads and showed her and now she can do it. I plan to take her to Kumon Math. They will test her and find out where she is and start at that point, fill in all the gaps and that will take care of math for now. I will focus with her on English. She's very motivated to learn English and I can already see she's got some understanding of new words already, like "go downstairs." She already knows the alphabet and can write it, upper and lowercase letters.

We did meet the teacher at the Chinese school, who also asked if Sissy has some kind of mental delay. She said she asks because of something in her face and the way she speaks. My thoughts are still that it's not a mental problem, but one of mannerisms, but I am watching very closely to see if an identifiable problem is there and has gone undiagnosed.

I'll get pictures up soon. Right now, my evenings are taken up with watching the Olympic gymnastics and swimming.

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Princess D said...

What?! Not posting pictures for me so you can enjoy the Olympics!!! ;) (I don't blame ya)
Can't wait to see how much more Sissy learns :)