Thursday, September 27, 2012

14 Days Difference

I've taken my girls to the park twice since Blossom joined our family. The first time, Blossom cried a lot; she was so unhappy. These were taken 14 days ago...

Tonight, I took these photos. All looks well when the two older girls are pushing Jie Jie on the swing, but they didn't do very well and in seconds were pushing her sideways, so I had to stop it, but while the little ones were pushing Sissy, they had a great time. Look at the smiles on ALL THREE girls faces! Yes, my little Blossom is smiling more and more each day. She had a very good day today, but she just had to sabotage herself again right at bedtime. Tonight, though, she admitted she did it because she missed China. That was a breakthrough and gave us something to talk about.

There were a few breakthroughs with Blossom today that seem so small, yet mean so much. At the park, I did the spider swing with her. This means she was on my lap, facing me. I had to be careful because she's still getting used to being on a swing and can only swing a little before it's too high and scary for her. Well, she ended up with one arm around me and pressed her body against mine like a small child does when you hold them against your shoulder. She laid her head against my shoulder and relaxed and enjoyed the moment. When she noticed that I noticed, she acted like she was going to wipe her nose on my shoulder, but I cunningly turned away as though I didn't notice and she sat up again as though nothing had happened.

The second breakthrough came at the park when we were ready to leave. I asked each girl if they were hungry and Blossom said, "Family hungry, mommy." This was the first time she referred to us as a family. She's been rather resistant to the idea that she's a member of this family.

The final breakthrough of the day came while I was cooking dinner. For the very first time, all three of my daughters sat at their special little table and colored nicely in their coloring books. First, Jie Jie came to show me what she'd colored. A minute later, Sissy brought her page into the kitchen to show me. Then, my Blossom brought her work in to show me and she'd done such a nice job (she's new to coloring and it's hard for her because she's a lefty who was forced to use her right hand in China). I appropriately oohed and aahhhed over it, gave her a kiss and relished the moment like crazy.

Combined, all these breakthroughs add up to one of Blossom's best days so far.


Anonymous said...

Go Blossom Go! She looks wonderful. Yesterday was her original "gotcha" day. Just think, K, 31 days ago she was in an orphanage, and look at her now. She's with her Mama and two sisters.

We are cheering you and Blossom on!

Jeanne said...

Blossom is looking really good, but for me the real transformation is Sissy, she looks radiant and so very, very happy, it warms my heart to see her smile. You are doing a fantastic job Mama.

Anne Krause said...

It's amazing what love and a family will do.......and time! All three of your children look happy and healthy. To God be the glory!