Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Very Good Day

Thank you all for your wonderful, supportive comments! I appreciate them all.

We all had a good day. My strategy worked and Blossom held herself together all day. We have some code phrases now that help remind her to check her behavior. She did end the day on a tiny sour note after getting ruffled when a friend of mine dropped in at bedtime. My friend was non-intrusive, and brought some goodies and groceries so I don't have to shop tomorrow, but it was more than Blossom could handle and she aimed some rudeness at me, which was dealt with swiftly and decisively as I marched her into bed. She got her usual tucking in ritual and kiss, which she doesn't like, and some loving, encouraging words. I'm not worried about her disliking the kiss. Jie Jie didn't like being kissed goodnight for several months and now she can't get enough kisses.

Jie Jie and Sissy had some great sister time outside playing with big rubber balls I bought for everyone. I have a long fenced in driveway where the trampoline is and that's where they play ball. Blossom stayed by my side all day and quite willingly. It's easy to sit her at the daycare table and give her something to do. She likes to be busy and have tasks. She already beats Jie Jie to setting the table for dinner. I will make a chore chart soon. Jie Jie likes to set the table so I'm going to give her the option of keeping that chore for herself, if she wants it. Othewise, we'll rotate. She's so short, though, that it's one of the few chores she can do.

Blossom got her first ever try on the trampoline. It's going to be very good for her. She gained new respect for Jie Jie after seeing Jie Jie do well on the trampoline. The trampoline is great for all my girls, especially the new ones, since it stimulates the vestibular system, is aerobic, uses all the muscles in the body, is fun, promotes lyphatic and spinal fluid flow, and helps them realize where their body is and what it's doing in space.

The house is a wreck. I know that it's supposed to be fine in the beginning with a new child, but it's not. I don't like it and I think it's detrimental to my children, who need a clear, clean environment in order to avoid feeling over stimulated. I know that I can't be creative and at my best unless the house is clean. After I post this, I'm going upstairs to make a dent. The issue is that I've had to rearrange the house and not everything is in its final place.

But, I did get a couple loads of laundry done, catfood made, three kids bathed, two with hair washed, got Jie Jie to her physical therapy appointment on time, and tomorrow's meals are planned for daycare and dinner, so I'm doing okay!


Mama Jama said...

Congratulations! I followed Travel Family's blog and was worried about Blossom's future and I am thrilled she is now with you. You are a super mom - how do you do it?

I respect your desire not to go into details of misbehaving and discipline issues, but I would really love to get more insights on your discipline approach and consequences.

And importantly - do you speak Chinese? I assume you do or you would not be able to communicate and discipline in the early weeks.

Please reach out to all of us if there is anything we can do to help!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Blossom had a great day. You are doing a wonderful job and I can't imagine a better placement for Blossom.

Sherri said...

Oh My Word, dear, you are doing MORE than fine. You are doing amazingly well! And I happen to know the AUTHOR of all the gifts bestowed upon you right now. Praise!!