Sunday, September 30, 2012


So, what are a couple of the easy things I'm doing to help Blossom feel at home and part of the family? We eat family style every day. This means all together, at the table, no TV, toys or games in site. I've done with this Jie Jie from the start and it's our norm. This was breakfast a week ago Sunday, fried rice omlettes and homemade apple muffins. Of course, all three girls gathered around to see exactly how muffins were made, which was great for bonding and learning and fun.

Imagine my thoughts when I realized that the first outfit I ever got for Sissy was from my dad for this Christmas and he bought a matching outfit for Jie Jie too? Well, just go to e*bay and get a third one, right? Right! All three girls were THRILLED to see that they had matching outfits. In fact, they wanted to wear them right away. I said, no, and now they have something to look forward to.


kimjax said...

Love the pics, K! You're doing such a great job making these girls feel safe and loved. :)

Anonymous said...

Matching outfits! I love it. So cute.