Saturday, September 29, 2012


Last night, Blossom did not sabotage herself - at all!!! It was a first. She was very happy with her self-control and so was I.

Once during the day and at dinner time I reminded her to be an 11 year old and not a 2 year old at bedtime. The phrase that diffuses her is, "Are you 11?"

With each passing day, Blossom relaxes more and more. She is finding her niche in the family and she is getting comfortable with it. I am also getting to know her better and better and can recognize and head off undesirable behavior, relieving Blossom and the rest of us.

My leverage is simple. She has a stuffed panda and two Barbies she likes to sleep with, along with having a little lamp on. I take each away (the Barbies count as one unit) until there are none left. The lamp is the last thing to go and the worst for her to do without, thus the thing she feels most. I also use dessert, though we don't have it very often.

I believe she was very put down in China. She doesn't think much of herself underneath her tough shell because she was told so many things about her were bad, eyes, feet, brain, etc... She really starts to act up when I want her to learn something new, like playing the piano. Only her great desire to learn kept her on the bench, but she started giggling and squirming and making jokes until she realized how simple the lesson was and how patient and slow I was with her. She was certainly very proud of herself when she played the first little song.

Today I took the girls to a bayside path to run on and Blossom ran the entire mile, fast. I was told that in her orphanage, the children woke up at 6am and ran until 6:30am. She loves to run. She was proud of herself for being the first one to finish of all four of us. Of course I praised her for this appropriately and was happy for her. I am happy that she's in such good condition and can do this. It's so strange to see a kid run a fast mile, but get nervous on stairs and curbs and swings, but it's all about what they've been exposed to or not.

Tonight, I took video of Sissy and Blossom singing Chinese songs together. It was charming! Blossom still avoids looking at the camera, but she did perform and I'm going to take some still shots from the video because she flashed her best smile yet in one of them. When not self-conscious, this little girl can sing and perform! Sissy also has a good singing voice. The two together are so fun to watch.

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Anonymous said...

Incremental progress is still progress. It sounds as though things are going wonderfully. I'm so excited for you K and Blossom.

So many people are cheering your family on!