Monday, September 17, 2012

Did You Miss Us?

A whole lot has been happening around here, things you can't imagine. I'll share them later, but right now, here are a couple pictures from last weekend. We went to a wedding, a two-day Eritrean wedding. My best friend's little sister got married. I wish I had a picture of the bride on the second day, she looked amazing! Truly, she looked like a princess from biblical times. I'll try to get a picture of her from my friend. Anyway, this wedding was so much fun because everyone dances with everyone, none of that girl-waiting-for-boy-to-ask stuff. Jie Jie danced the most, I danced a bit and even Sissy joined in a few times. You'd have never guessed, watching Sissy eat, that two months ago she practically laid on the the table and ate like a camel, with food spilling out of her mouth. The friends in the picture with us are from Toronto who came to the wedding but were not part of the wedding party.

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Candis said...

K - There is such a huge difference in Sissy since her time in China. The love of a mother and family does wonders for a soul - doesn't it?! She is absolutely a beautiful girl and I can see from your pictures, that her true spirit is shining through - thanks to her family's love for her.

Such an inspiration!