Monday, September 3, 2012

Frightening Information

It's actually an old story, one we all know, but I always hope it's a little further away than my daughter's former doorstep.

I found out that very near Sissy's orphanage is an active brothel. They scope out the girls from the orphanage, waiting for the day they are turned out. Then they pounce. The smaller and younger the child looks, the more at risk since the pedafiles prefer these child-like girls. This group of girls usually have medical conditions that lead to their small size, like thalassemia, for example. The outcome for these girls is not good at all.

Sissy doesn't know about the birds and bees yet. I did ask her tonight at what age to kids leave her orphanage. She said 18 years, then they look for work. I asked her what kind of work and she could not tell me. She didn't know. She said these kids don't return to visit the orphanage.

I was told at the orphanage that they help the kids find training and don't turn them out if they can't get a job, but instead, employ them. Perhaps a few select favorites end up with this scenario, but hardly any. My daughter also told me that the mentally ill kids to go an adult institution when they age out and that they are terrible places to be. No surprise there.

Before adopting Sissy, I had a terrible feeling in my soul that she was particularly vulnerable to s$xual exploitation. I even discussed the possibility of abuse with her pediatrician months ago. After adopting her, I knew she had not been abused, but now I know why I had that feeling. Strangely, though, after seeing her orphanage, I thought that she'd have been fine staying there, being trained and placed in a job, and I was so impressed with the facility, that I mentioned to a couple people that she'd have probably been fine staying in China for life. How wrong I was! How glad I am that she is home safe and sound with me!

I also found out some more of her motivation to being adopted. Sissy was being bullied by the 16 year olds at her orphanage. The reason she gave is that she liked to help the nannies feed the babies and was teased for it. She really is a tender girl, a hot-house flower, or, less delicately, pretty wimpy, so I can easily see her as the target of bullies. They hit her.

Sissy might be a bit of a wimp right now, but she's not going to stay that way for long. She is smart and learning fast. She is getting stronger physically, mentally and emotionally very day. I cannot wait to see her a year from now. She is keeping a journal and I think she's going to be amazed in a year when she reads it and sees how far she's come.

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Joannah said...

Wow. That is scary. What a blessing that she is living a new, safe life with you!