Saturday, September 22, 2012

Up & Down & Up Day

Due to a misunderstanding, Blossom wet the bed last night. Our bathroom is between the bedrooms, and before she went to bed, I told her not to disturb her sisters in the other room by opening THEIR door. She took that to mean HER bedroom door. Hopefully, it's cleared up now, but, just in case, I'll take her to the bathroom before I go to sleep tonight.

True to most adopted kids who've been raised in an orphanage, they look upon new experiences, like going to new places, with trepidation, and Blossom's shows as bad behavior. She giggles, wriggles, becomes rude, such as burping and passing gas as an interuption, and just can't stand still and relax. It took me almost two hours to get her ready to go because of this. Luckily, this behavior is predictable and I can choose go out or not depending on how we all feel and how much I'm willing to put up with. I really wanted to introduce this new place since it's going to be part of our schooling.

Today's adventure was to go to my fencing club and begin exercises designed to coordinate the brain and body, fill in some of those missing pieces that my girls didn't get in their orphanages. Sissy has expressed great interest in learning to fence, even though she's not seen the game yet, but she needs to speak English and have a certain level of physical awareness first. Blossom needs it for everything! She needs the self-discipline, coordination in different positions and directions, the organization of performing physical tasks with mental aspects, etc... Jie Jie needs some of all of these things, but for different reasons. She just needs to be brought into a group situation and to grow with experiences.

Each girl shined in different ways. It was a challenge getting Blossom to get started without acting goofy, and after some serious discipline from mama, her interest was piqued and she enjoyed herself. She is under the impression that her eyes and feet are bad. I'm not sure about her eyes, but she no longer squints at the computer screen and seems fine, but we'll know after her eye exam. Her feet seem fine. She runs and jumps, but she's inexperienced with walking backwards and other things that she would never have done before, like walking on a curb.

She can skip rope by herself and so can Sissy. Jie Jie doesn't understand the concept of looking for the rope as it comes around then jumping over it. She just starts jumping and expects that as the rope comes around, she'll get over it somehow. I am going to work a lot with her on this because she needs to learn this kind of action/reaction with her body. I got all the girls to skip rope with a long rope that two of us spin. Sissy was most skilled, but that means she could go about 6 jumps before losing it. Blossom was afraid of it, but I showed her how to start slowly and I controlled the rope and she could do about three, which was enough to give her a feeling of success and confidence. Jie Jie managed about three, too, but with me seriously controlling the rope and telling her when to jump. She truly doesn't look for it at all.

Another game we played was that each girl had 7 bean bags of different colors and I placed 7 matching felt rectangles in various places on the floor in the fencing room while they were out in the foyer. I said, "Go!" and they had to run around and place their bean bags on the correct color felt. I moved them around each time.

The games seemed very simple, but to these girls, who have never played these kinds of games before, they are new and challenging. Just having to follow instructions and stay in a certain place while being physical is a challenge. I will try and remember to bring the video camera next time to show some of our games and to get a baseline of where my girls are at this point in time.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like a very full day! And I love how all your girls are doing the same activities. What awesome bonding.

She will get anxiety waiting in lines as well, even if she is told in advance what to expect and why you are waiting. I would expect that to subside as she has more experiences and she trusts more.

You are doing such a great job parenting your 3 girls. I am cheering you on every. single. day.

Catherine said...

Great job Mom! You are so creative and doing wonderful things to help your daughters.