Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Little Reminder

There is an experienced mom of adopted teens who has been my friend and ally through my transition to this arena of motherhood over the past month. As I was getting some mommy respite on the phone with her today, she reminded me to meet the needs of my first and youngest, who still needs to be the baby sometimes. I'd lost sight of this a little bit as I've been trying to help her take the next step to older kid. I forgot that the stress of suddenly having two older sisters, especially one whose behavior is less than stellar right now, can be hard on her, too. I'm going to plan something special for her, even if it's just something tiny but more often, like special one on one time reading a book on my bed together. I have missed reading to her since I'm so happy just to get them all clean and in bed each night at a reasonable hour.

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