Sunday, October 21, 2012

A New Paperchase

It's almost an afterthought to mention, at this point, but I have an announcement...

I am putting together another dossier to send to China. It will not exactly replace the one that went missing, so I will not get put back into the nsn line, but it will be logged in so that early next year I can decide if I'm going to complete a fourth adoption or not. The timing is perfect since so many of the documents I gathered for Sissy are still valid and can be easily redone or have certified copies made. I am also I600A until July 2013 and if my Consulate Appointment is before this, I don't have to do any more CIS-related paperwork or fingerprints ever again!

I am still feeling that there is a baby waiting for me, but after the last week-and-a-half, I'll admit, as I've always done, to reserving the right to change my mind if I feel my home is full.

Also, at Sissy's 6 months post-placement visit, my social worker will also decide whether or not to allow me to proceed with another adoption based on her opinion as to how we are all doing.

A key component here is my dad. I have his full support and practical help. If we go to China again, he will be coming with us. One thing that Sissy lost due to her lying and sneaking onto my computer is the privilege of visiting her orphanage when we go back. What she doesn't know, hoever, is that I might at any time change my mind and allow this visit if I feel she would benefit from it. By taking this away from her, she now has no China-related incentives to behave well. All of her good behavior must come from within her. She is, essentially, a very good girl, but needs to learn to choose the right for the sake of it being right, not because she'll get something tangible out of it.

I want to have a baby. I want another child. I have a beautiful crib that I'm dying to use. I'd love to experience an adoption where rotten teeth and language and schooling are not immediate issues. I'd love for my older daughters to see how a mother raises a baby so that they will learn how to be good mothers themselves.


Just the 6 of us! said...

If you adopt a special needs baby it would be possible to complete it next year, is that right? I would love to see you FINALLY bring "Apple" home. I have read your journey since the time you were just beginning the adoption process. I remember being so amazed at your testimony of adoption in China. I know that many people have adopted babies with relatively minor special needs. I would love to see you flourish with all four of your daughters in tow! I look forward to following your journey to China one last time to make all your dreams come true!

MJ said...

I too have heard of families adopting very young babies from the special needs line. The way our agency does it is they waitlist families waiting for a SN baby (less than 12 months) and then call families on the waitlist as babies are available when new SN lists are released. It takes time, obviously, but it is possible.

Anonymous said...

I have adopted two babies (10 mos. and 12 mos.) and two special needs daughter-used Heartsent (at least for the homestudy) for all of them and all from China and I am single. It can be done!!