Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Toilet, Toothpaste and a Tooth

Three tubes of toothpaste are no longer in our toilet, as of yesterday! The first one came out with the plumber's snake, but he did make Blossom try and find it first by reaching in. If you think this is gross, I admit, I made her do the same thing the day she flushed them! As long as she hasn't got any open wounds on her hands, I have no problem with this, but definitely supervise the handwashing afterward.

The toilet then had to be removed in order to find the other two tubes. Blossom did reach into the up-side-down end to retrieve the final tube of toothpaste. The plumber took pity on her after I said that the cost of this removal meant no bicycle for her birthday, and reduced his rate to $50 (a GREAT deal!) as long as I promised him that we would put this event behind us. We did put the event behind us and Blossom has only tomorrow left to get through on good behavior before she earns back the privilege of being allowed to use and even buy her own tube of toothpaste.

In case you are wondering why we had so many tubes of toothpaste so readily available, I'll tell you. We each have our own tubes of toothpaste. This is partly because I am allergic to many types of toothpaste and use a simple one that doesn't taste so great so Jie Jie had her own. Then, with the addition of Sissy, I didn't know what she might be bringing with her germ-wise, so I gave her her own tube. After all, we don't share toothbrushes, yet we touch the end of the toothpaste tube to our brushes with each application of toothpaste. It never killed me and I am one of 5 kids, but, for some reason, I prefer us to each have our own tubes of toothpaste, even though we sometimes do share. I'll take pictures soon of my bathroom organization method as well as of the rest of the house so you can see how we are fitting it all in.

Meanwhile, I took all my girls to the Wednesday night girls' church activity and they had a lot of fun making a pompom spider and bobbing for apples. I realize in restrospect, that beyond having a prayer, which my Blossom offered with a lot of help from me, there wasn't a formal spiritual lesson given, but the experience of friendship and fun was definitely there.

Afterwards, since the toilet stuff ate up my normal dinner preparation time, I picked up a pizza for dinner and we even used paper plates to eat it, a first for me with my girls. As Blossom was eating her pizza with great enthusiasm, she spat something out in her hand, placed it on the table, took another bite of pizza with gusto, then picked up the item from the table and handed it to me. It was a molar. She lost another baby tooth. After she swallowed her bite of pizza, I stopped her from taking another and had her bite down on a wad of napkin to stop the normal bleeding that occurs when a tooth comes out like that. After a minute or two, she was ready to continue eating. Jie Jie was very surpised and impressed at the nonchallance that Blossom gave the tooth since Jie Jie takes a long agonizing time to pull her teeth out when they are ready.

We don't do the tooth fairy in our home. It's too hard of a concept for my girls to grasp and rather scary. I mean, after all, a mysterious stranger will come into your bedroom, at night, while you are sleeping, and reach under your pillow and take your tooth and leave money behind? I would have had fun doing the tooth fairy, but it's just one of those things that isn't good for my girls peace of mind so I don't do it.


Anonymous said...

I had heard that in China they throw lost baby teeth over (or onto?) the roof of the house for good luck. But don't quote me on that!

Anonymous said...

I recognize that sheepish smile. I saw it plenty in China. It's "I'm embarrassed and know I did something wrong, I just wish I hadn't gotten caught" smile.

I'm glad you got a break on the plumber. They normally charge $125just to come to your house! Here's to hoping there are no more tubes going down the toilet!