Sunday, October 21, 2012

It Happened Again

Yes, this is my actual toilet after I took it off.
I am so much cleaner than the plumber was!
I had only one thing to wipe and the tools to clean when I was finished!

We have a new rule, one that will have no exceptions. At all. Blossom must always be accompanied in the bathroom. This morning, while my bedroom door to the bathroom was open and I was on my bed, a mere 10-12 feet away, she was able to flush two brand new tubes of toothpaste down the toilet, again, without me knowing it.

It was discovered about 30 minutes later when the other girls went in to brush their teeth and it was gone. Blossom denied having anything to do with the mission toothpaste, then pretended to look for it, then said she wasn't lying. It took quite some effort to get her to admit she did it and reveal the location.

I handled it myself this time, now knowing exactly what happens to a full-size tube of toothpaste in my toilet. I removed the toilet from the floor (thank heavens for Toto toilets, which can come on and off without having to change the seal), then proceeded to removed the lodged tubes and a few chunks of nasty stuff, with the help of all three of my daughters. Afterward, I called the plumber and let him know she didn't learn her lesson while he was there.

This is on top of the fact that I discovered, last night, that Sissy has been sneaking onto my computer when I'm asleep and getting onto QQ, which explains why my computer system is having all sorts of malfunctions and will be taken to the repair shop. She also lied about a few relevent things to this, not knowing that the computer has an internet history! This behavior, though bad, is still very normal for a teenager.

Blossom's behavior reveals the extent of the insecurity, orphanage and abandonment issues. The adoption books talk about the possible behaviors and give a suggestion or two on how to handle them, but what they neglected to mention, or I simply didn't understand, was that the behavior can be relentless and that I must never let down my guard. Now, since I don't want to live on guard all the time, this means a new parenting strategy. Parents of a newborn are more familiar with it. I will call it Velcro Parenting or Co-joined Parenting. It's basically, where I go, she goes. We did it for two straight days and part of another day last week and it worked well, but I need to include one other component: Mommy respite care! I will need to hire a babysitter one evening this week so I can get out and have a little freedom, preferably, to sit in a calm, dark movie theater and watch Liam Neeson do his thing in his newest movie without worries of toilets and toothpaste and orphanages.

Honestly, last night I dreamed of both, and the toilet was in a tall, eerie mansion, rather dark, set behind three other mansions that looked a lot nicer, at the top of a steep hill that slightly resembled the hill up to the Trustmart near the Garden Hotel in Guangzhou. In it was a blackish-burgandy toilet with a square hole that a plunger fit over just fine, unlike my toilets and plunger in real life.

Needless to say, these two girls will NOT be getting bicycles for their birthdays in November. They both know it, too. We need must better behavior around here to deserve such a great present.


Almond Tea said...

Good lord, K. I can't believe it. I just can't believe it. What about baby locks? There is a kind that uses a magnet that acts as the "key". Without it, you can't open the cabinet door or drawers. But even then she may try to flush an entire tube of tp down the toilet.

Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Great tasting toothpaste is a treat. If she plans on flushing new tubes down the toilet, it might be time for her to get her own tube of baking soda, adult, bland toothpaste until she can earn another tube.

Truly Blessed said...

I really like "Anonymous"'s suggestion!