Saturday, October 27, 2012

Medical Update on Jie Jie

Jie Jie had her 6 months check-up with the nephrologist yesterday. She is the incredible shrinking girl. She's lost weight, down from 41 or 42 pounds to 38.5 pounds. I have given the older girls the talk about why Jie Jie is going eat granola bars and a lot of snacks and they are not. In case you think this is going to be hard for them to understand, realize that they are gaining weight at a tremendous rate and snacks would be unhealthy for them unless they cut down the amount of food they eat at mealtimes. They will get one tiny snack and Jie Jie will get two or three huge snacks.

On top of this, there was fluid in both of Jie Jei's kidneys, but the doctor and I believe it can be resolved by going back to how I was managing it pre-adoption of the older girls. We need to cut down on liquid consumed at dinner time and I need to wake her once in the night to go to the bathroom. The downside of this protocal is that the bacteria might have a field day in her bladder over night and make her more susceptible to UTIs, but we don't have a choice right now.

I am duly concerned, but not worried since her last ultrasound was so good. The kidney tissue itself still looked good this time, despite the fluid, which is good news. But, instead of waiting 6 months, we'll do another ultrasound in late December, and bloodwork, just to be sure.

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