Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Teenager

Yesterday Sissy wore her first truly "teenish" outfit, complete with a necklace, so I made sure to take pictures. I picked out the outfit before travelling to China to bring her home but she's not worn it until now.

In true teen fashion, she was a bit of a stinker today, that started with taking ten minutes just to get out of bed, which threw us off so much that no one got breakfast until 10am which is when I had all the daycare kids sorted and settled into their various routines, but when I look at these pictures of her, all that melts away and all I see is my precious daughter and her beautiful smile.


shelley said...

OMW she looks so much like a teen...I don't want to seem like a stalker, but I LOVE your blog. You continue to inspire and encourage people with your apparent calmness and unequaled love for your girls. I have been reading since you went to get Jie Jie and have never been so impressed with someone as much as you. Thanks again for sharing your beautiful and growing family. I will continue to pray for your precious bunch and anticipate the next homecoming.

Catherine said...

Beautiful pics! She looks so grown up in this outfit.