Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Jie Jie tried something new today. She deliberately chose to do something she knew was wrong. I mean doing it with FULL knowledge of it's wrongness. In the scheme of things, it was such a small thing, but due to the fact that she truly knew better, the guilt and remorse she suffered was far, far worse than the punishment I gave her. She cried so hard over it, I had to comfort her and remind her of how much better she would feel if she chose to repent simply by asking Heavenly Father to forgive her and telling Him she was sorry and promising never to do it again. I'm glad she felt remorse, but the intensity of it surprised me, on one hand, because I didn't think she'd want to do something she felt so deeply was wrong, but on the other hand, she is trying to fit in with her sisters, which is a good sign that she is experimenting with letting herself grow up a bit and proved once again just how strong a testimony in Christ she has already.

The offense was something that would have come up by now if she'd been in public school, so there's no blame to be placed on either older sister even though I do think she was trying to be like them. They actually blew the whistle on her and she admitted it right away when I asked her. Yes, she's finally starting to grow up a little bit, but what a painful experiment to her little soul.

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