Saturday, October 6, 2012

Social Worker Came

I forgot to mention that my social worker came by yesterday to update my homestudy. You see, with Sissy home, it needed to updated for Apple's paperwork. However, there a little wrench in the works, remember? Apple's paperwork is gone. So, I have to do another dossier. Another wrench in the works is Blossom. She's another child in the home. However, my agency is really working on this with me so that I can have every chance to use a lot of Sissy's documents because they are so recent. But, the catch, is that, at any time, my social worker can pull the homestudy and deny me Apple in the timing I want or altogether, based on how she feels my little family is doing.

I don't like that, because no one counts and homestudies bio kids coming into the home, but I do understand it and I appreciate that my agency cares about me and my daughters enough to want what's best for us.

So, Jie Jie welcomed the social worker with open arms and a declaration that she's so excited to have a little sister.

Blossom refused to sit beside me and, instead, plopped herself down on the sofa next to the social worker like she was the mother, then kept asking if it was yes or no on getting a little sister (clearly, Sissy informed Blossom of the reason for the social worker's visit).

And Sissy, kept her distance and a terse hello, keeping her eye on the social worker the entire time, clearly nervous about having a person of authority in her home.

Luckily, all three girls played happily with the Barbies and dollhouse and the social worker was impressed with how they all got along and how far Blossom has come and so quickly.

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