Friday, October 5, 2012

Tough Day, Great Progress

It was one of those days! Not only in my house, but across my universe. The day opened with a phone call that a family needed immediate respite care for their teen. With my full plate, I had to say no. Then, each of my girls at various times throughout the day was at their most trying. Of course, a daycare child had to turn up with spots all over her body and needed to be sent home. But...

It was a rather gorgeous fall day, the leaves falling from the trees.

I was Super Mom in the face of my girls' behavior.

Work ticked along well.

At the end of the day when I put Blossom to bed, she came WILLINGLY onto my lap, and, after some rocking and singing like one does to a little baby, she tucked her head right into me, like loved children know how to do, and she relaxed and let me cuddle her for the very first time! I've held her plenty of times before, but she was a bit like cuddling a 2x4 before. Not this time.

Last night, Jie Jie attended her Faith in God girls' activity night at church for the first time since we've been back from China. It was time for my new daughters to see that their little sister has a life and friends that is separate from them, and that she isn't 5 or 6, even though she looks like it. I had a feeling I knew what it would do and I was right, hence the behavior today. Sissy seemed very jealous. I don't think it ever occurred to her that Jie Jie didn't really appear in the house at the same time she did. To see Jie Jie excited all day for the event was also hard for Sissy. I'm sure it made Sissy remember her own friends left behind in China, too. However, Jie Jie needed to gain some respect from her sisters and I think this helped a lot.

As for today's behavior, since everyone stayed within textbook-normal of all the adoption books on older child adoption, I know we'll be fine. It did give Blossom a chance to cry, a big, big cry, which she needed, and a chance to see that Mama is in total control and will take care of her. No matter what!


Anonymous said...

I pray each day that the days get easier for you, Blossom and all your girls.

Joannah said...

You are incredible. It's so obvious that you were meant to be a mom. :)