Sunday, November 25, 2012

Blossom's First Birthday: Afternoon

The Academy of Science in Golden Gate Park. It was Blossom's first time and Sissy's second time. We are members, so Jie Jie and I have come often in the past and always learn something new.

At the entrace by the T-rex skeleton.

The mascot, Claude the albino alligator.
The real Claude lives in the swamp tank and looks very white.

Female and male reindeer both have antlers!

This is where Gong Gong lives, beautiful Hawaii!

They look rather plain for protection.

But they are blue on top side of their wings.

Open this photo in a new window to view full-size
and read about the butterflies in the Amazon Rainforest.

View from the rainforest dome canopy level.

See the fish in the river below?

Same fish, but we are now under the river in a tunnel.

Not such a pretty fish, but the size is impressive!

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