Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ah, Another Solo Night Out

After an afternoon of outdoor ice skating at the holiday pop-up skating rink, I fed the girls dinner, popped them into bed, then went off to the theater and sat through two movies, each over two hours long. It was very relaxing!

The girls we fine today. Sissy does have scabs behind her ears from scratching last night. Her skin is healthy, she's just a fiddler/scratcher. She is always touching her face, but it's getting so much better. When I first got her, she always had her fingers in her mouth, too.

My dad is leaving tomorrow. It's been nice having him here. He got to witness our most dramatic family moment yet, which I think I'll always remember as The Moment of Truth!

Jie Jie is having a spinal MRI on Tuesday. Her scoliosis has dramatically increased in one year. My stomach dropped to the floor when I saw her most recent x-rays. If the vertebra are fused on one side, but not the other, she'll be facing spinal surgery to fix the freely growing side in place. If not, then she'll probably be facing rod surgery to straighten her spine. It's a no win situation for her on this one. I really thanked God today for my two girls who were born with "perfect" bodies.

I'll post pictures soon of the fun we've had in the last week because, despite The Moment of Truth drama, we've had some fun, too.

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Almond Tea said...

K, I'm so glad you got some time to yourself. If anyone deserves some "mommy" time it's you!