Friday, December 28, 2012

Family Time

I have taken the week off of work, using sick days I didn't use this year. I need to recharge, get over a lingering cold and spend time with my girls, whip the house back into shape and get clean the daycare zone. I may have lost a daycare family over this, despite the mother saying she could arrange back-up care. I would not have taken all the days off had she not said this since I've found out that she did not have back-up care.

However, I have been able to spend two days at the Social Security office getting the paperwork done for my two new girls. The earrings that Sissy got for her birthday have also been returned to the store for a refund. I found some stale cookies she'd stolen and stashed in the closet and forgot about. Don't comment negatively on this, but I did make her eat them. You steal it, you eat it. We don't waste food in this house. She choked them down moaning about how she didn't like them. I told her that I didn't like finding cookies in the clothes closet and having her steal from me. I really don't know if she makes that connection yet, that she does things that I don't like.

We have enjoyed two family movie nights. The first time we watched Home Al*ne. The girls loved it! Sissy had seen it in China. She's seen a LOT of American movies in China at her SWI.

When we sat down and snuggled in, Jie Jie exclaimed, "We're just like a family, mommy!" I cracked up laughing and said, "That's because we ARE a family!" I think she meant that we are finally doing something fun as a family that she's sees as very family-like.

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Yay for Healing! said...

I love to watch the Home Al*ne series with my kids too! I always worry though that my kids will get some naughty ideas from that movie. It is a classic, though! About the cookies: Why would anyone say anything negative about that? You made the absolute best choice in how to react to her bad choices. My Uncle used to do something that still makes me laugh to this day. He would make oatmeal "mush" for my cousins for breakfast. They didn't like it and wouldn't eat it. He never complained about his hard work and efforts. He simply took their bowls, placed Saran wrap on top, and placed it in the fridge. At lunchtime, he took it out and placed it in front of them. When they didn't eat it they went hungry. Dinner time came and the same routine took place. By the next morning they happily ate yesterday's mush and never again gave him grief about the food he provided for them. ;)