Tuesday, December 4, 2012

More Bad Antics...

I'm sorry to say that Sissy is not able to be honest at all in any aspect of her life. Tonight, when I should have been sleeping, I was taking the downstairs toilet apart to fish out what she'd flushed down. She cannot handle her anger in a healthy way. She doesn't show it. She denies it verbally, then does something terrible later, like steal and destroy property. The depth of her deviousness reaches much further down than I thought and I'm going to be consulting professionals so I can do all that's possible to try and help her.

Meanwhile, Blossom had a great time at kung fu tonight and will soon be ready to test for her next belt.

Jie Jie goes in for an MRI tonight. Please pray for her. She needs a miracle right now or she's facing a surgery no one knew she'd need.


goodiego said...

Please sign up to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/attach-china/

You can find support from many different folks there. Some may even be very similar to your family.

A good read: Beyond Consequences, Logic & Control by Heather T. Forbes

I would hesitate to say your daughter is being devious. These big feelings may be coming from a place of shame and she may have no way to identify them. You will be able to help her with the right tools. You are certainly on the right path for her to start healing. Her healing will not be linear and it will be revisited at each cognitive milestone but I know you can walk her through it.
Consistency is key.

kim647 said...

Sending prayers for all. Hoping that Sissy comes around, Blossom continues to get better and Jie Jie does not need any surgery. Your strength and determination will get you through this all. Hugs.

Almond Tea said...

K, prayers for your beautiful Jie Jie. How soon will you know the results? Please keep us posted!

I echo Goodiego, therapy and support groups not only for you, but maybe Sissy as well. While I know this must be extremely hard, at least you know the truth, and you know what they say about the truth- it will set you free.

I'm so proud of Blossom. Harrison is in martial arts too, he's one belt away from his black belt and it has helped him in so many areas of his life both inside and outside of the studio.

Anonymous said...

Prayers and hope to you and your family.

Thinking of you said...

Bummer! Hope it gets better sooner than later. Even if you just get glimpses of a sweet girl buried in her soul. There had to be a reason Heavenly Father wanted you to adopt her. I hope that reason is for you all to experience joy. Much love this Holiday Season.

Renate said...

Praying for JieJie

Catherine said...

I'm so sorry. Praying.

Please email me. Link on my blog. Thanks!

Catherine said...

If you haven't heard of her I'd highly recommend looking into Nancy Thomas and her 'Taming the Tiger While It's A Kitten' CD's. So much of what you're sharing mirrors an email I received from her yesterday. Would love to send it to you as an encouragement.