Friday, December 28, 2012

Please Let it Be Progress

In the course of teaching Sissy about her emotions, she has seen both of her sisters readily give me hugs and receive them in return, hold my hands and more. We talked about why they do that and she admitted that she didn't think she could because she was older. I explained that she could, and that should watch what the other girls do. If she wants me to hug her more than I already do, she needs to come up and hug me.

She is finally starting to take the initiative and come give me hugs. She is also liking the hugs and attention I give her when she take the initiative and helps without being told. At first I thought it was random, but she's doing it more and more and making good eye contact and smiling when she does it.

At this early point, it's still normal to be wary of her motives. However, we know the saying, "Fake it 'til you make it," so even if she's going through the motions for the wrong reasons, she is still going through the motions, which is a good start.

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Eliza2006 said...

It sounds like progress to me! It looks like you had a lovely Christmas. You are truly an inspiration and doing a wonderful job with your girls. I hope you didn't lose a daycare family because of your time off, but you do deserve time off. Happy new year to you and your girls!