Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Friday, the 13th of December

Up the highway we went, three hours, to the medical center where Apple had the handles removed from the distractors on her skull. The surgeon didn't tell me ahead of time how painful it would be, so Apple suffered quite a bit. Her trust in me shattered and we've been working on getting it back ever since. She's had nightmares, stranger anxiety, anger toward me, and some regression. It's all normal for what she's been through, but I think that if I'd known ahead of time, I could have had a bottle of milk for her to drink while the surgeon pulled those handles out. That's how she gets through her blood draws without any crying, she drinks a bottle. The nice thing about having the handles off is that Apple could once again ride in the baby Ergo carrier!

Afterward, we went to San Jose to my favorite restaurant and had a great dinner and a fun fondue for dessert then walked to Christmas in the Park before heading up to our old neighborhood where we spent the weekend in a hotel three blocks from our old house.

2nd Week of December

What a whirlwind week this was! The three older girls had their Christmas performance at their school, which was darling. It was a first for Jie Jie to ever perform and she was adorable. I stayed up all of one night painting the living room. I refused to decorate it for Christmas with bare ugly walls. I wanted Apple's very first Christmas home to take place in a cozy, beautiful, finished living room, as well as our first Christmas in our new home. This meant prepping the wall, too, so Apple spent some time in a baby seat watching a Chinese child music dvd. She fell asleep in no time at all.

Happy Birthday to Me

After being up much of the night, my baby napped for 3+ hours, giving me time to work with my new friend from church, who just happens to have majored in accounting. She and I tore through boxes of papers to find all my business stuff so I could catch up on tax-related paperwork. We had no chairs, two computers, and one printer between us. It was hard work, but also fun because we kept making jokes at our own expense. She thought I was organized just because I managed to find everything she asked for. I thought I was disorganized because it looked like a typhoon blew through the room.

I had dinner with my kids, the last of the Christmas turkey, opened the cards they made, and now I'm blogging while listening to fire crackers go off prematurely, as I await midnight.

I do wonder with eager anticipation what 2014 will hold for me.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Latest Accessory in Real Fur

Ever since Henry's recent illness, he's been extraordinarily clingy. He follows me around and if I'm still for even a second, he jumps up on me. I tried putting him in a baby sling, but he's a neck kitty through and through, always has been, so I've been carrying him around like a parrot.

His little paws knead and knead.

Let In Snow!

My girls finally saw snow for the very first time tonight and we drove less than one hour to find some. The first patch we found was at about 1200 ft. and the big fluffy pile we found at 2000 ft. They loved it! I have video of it. I showed them how to make snow angels and snowballs and then, of course, what one does with a snowball. Soon, they were all throwing snowballs at me and it was super funny.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Apple Turned 2!

Today is Apple's birthday. We celebrated with good friends who also have four children.

I made Apple two cakes, a little butterfly to celebrate her first birthday, which was about the time her referral pictures had been taken, and a bigger butterfly cake for her second birthday, her first birthday with her forever family. She liked the wrapping paper and she loved the cake!

This & That

My jumping ladybug.

Tackling another room in the house.
Yes, that's a cloth diaper bandana on my head.
I vacuumed the ceiling and bits and such kept falling one me.

Shao Henry's a little on the scrawny side right now, but he's recovering from his recent bout with pneumonia.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is my third year in a row that I've had a new child for Thanksgiving. Last year, I had two new ones! I wonder what next year will bring...?

All I know is that I'm very thankful to have all of my girls and that my baby is recovering well from her surgeries this month!

1.7cm Distracted

I've turned the screws 17 times now, so I've moved the back of Apple's skull back 1.7cm now. Here are pictures from our 2nd day home (purple p.j.s) after the surgery compared to those I took yesterday (yellow Xeroform).

Just look at that round skull!

She's imitating me holding her head steady.