Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Another Good Day

Look at this, another really good day! Good days means that my girls were very good. They did all their school without being told and they followed all the rules of the house, they obeyed me, treated each other well, played happily and went to bed happy. It means that they have been exceptional!

Sissy is also making good progress. She is really trying and, in many ways, succeeding. She is opening up. A lot of her issues seem to be things that happened to her in Guangzhou during her adoption trip. Seems she was very offended that I made her comply with my wishes, regardless of what they were, like buying her shoes that fit, walking, keeping appointments. I can imagine what that must have been like for her now that I've learned how indulged she was at her SWI.

Tonight we talked about why I made her walk with me and keep up while we were in China. She was taught in China not to accept food from strangers due to the risk of malintent on the stranger's part. She also had an inkling of kidnapping. Tonight was the second time we talked about the risk of her getting lost in Guangzhou and the risk of malintent on the part of strangers, such as kidnapping. She brought up how I told everyone she was my daughter and how proud and happy I was because of that. It made her feel good to remember that. I don't think she connects the fact that I was in China SOLEY to adopt HER yet, but she's going to understand that very soon, I think. Tonight she started to understand that I did what I did because I love her and wanted her to be safe. She is definitely making progress!


Almond Tea said...

K, I'm hoping that these "good days" are your new normal!

Penny said...

What great news! Praying it continues for all of you!