Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Didn't Kiss Her

At dinner tonight, Blossom announced to me, "You not kiss me today." I said, "Don't worry, I'll kiss you when I tuck you in. But I can also kiss you right now, too."

She was out of her chair and leaning across the table in a flash for her "right now" kiss.

Earlier today, I separated the girls at different tables for their school work and Sissy ended up all alone downstairs when my assistant took the daycare kids outside to play and I was upstairs in the kitchen preparing lunch. I went down to get her and tell her she could move upstairs and share a table with Jie Jie and I kissed the top of her head like I uaually do as I passed by her. I felt her arms brush my sides and fall back down again and realized instantly that she'd wanted to hug me, but she missed the moment since I was too quick. I stopped moving and said, "I'll stop for a hug any time. I love when you hug me and I can hug you, too." Not only did she hug me, but she laid her head on me, too. This is GREAT progress because we were alone. She wasn't modeling her sisters' behaviors, I didn't hug her first, she INITIATED the hug. It wasn't the first time, but it came out-of-the-blue, which means it came from FEELINGS!


Almond Tea said...

These are all really positive signs. Wonderful, wonderful.

Julie said...

Great progress :-)

Catherine said...