Monday, January 7, 2013

What a Good Day!

Today my girls behaved as perfect as kids can. They got up, got ready for the day, sat down at their school table and homeschooled themselves all day long! They even said they were having a good day, a fun day and Blossom even ran up and said, "I kiss you," which means I need to bend down so she can plant a kiss on my cheek.

To top it off, I had dinner ready, and even did some decluttering. The older girls had kung fu, which they love, and they were tucked in bed at 8:30pm sharp, lights out, and the kitchen sink is clean!


Karen said...

Aren't those kind of days greatly appreciated!! A little taste of "normal" gives you alot of hope that it will be routine sooner than later...God knows our needs.

Lynnea said...

A clean sink makes a difference in feeling like things are right in the the world doesn't it! Sounds like a step in the right direction! :)
May this be a really blessed week!
Lynnea :)