Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Live From Los Angeles

We are in Los Angeles right now, finally meeting great medical specialists for Jie Jie. We had a day of consultations today, and tomorrow will be diagnostic tests and procedures. We are staying at the Ronald McDonald House, a great situation. We've not eaten out at all; I stopped at a grocery store on the way from the airport and we've been eating just like at home, which has been a blessing. The girls are doing well, and we'll be home tomorrow night. There are some amazing kids here, some without arms and legs or hair, a mother expecting her first baby, who will be born with her small intestine on the outside (still has a good prognosis), and all kinds of parents in the trenches of parenting kids with special needs. It's a good atmosphere.

Tonight, a local Chinese charity brought in pizza (we ate my own spaghetti with meat sauce and broccoli) and a cake for all the kids having birthdays this month, one of which is Jie Jie. We all sang to her and she blew out a candle. Then, they gave out red envelopes with chocolate coins for Chinese New Year and did Chinese songs and crafts. The girls had a good time.

I'm holding up well. It's nice to do this away from home so that it's the only thing to concentrate on, just like adopting in China, no daily grind. Tonight we went out in the car in search of bath towels because we only get two here and no washclothes, and we found ourselves at the Griffith Observatory. It's a free astronomy/telescope/exhibit place in a beautiful parkland and building. We watched the sun go down, saw the big Hollywood sign on the hill, and learned a bit about the moon, earth, stars and more. I wish I'd had my camera with me, but I didn't at that time.

The girls were enthralled with the rental car. How did I get it? How can I have two cars? How do I know how to drive it? There is so little they know, it's moments like this, being out of our own environment, that really brings it to the forefront.

I have to give our Fairy Godmother another huge thank you for Jie Jie's special stroller. We are using it here like crazy since it's a good 5 block walk to the medical fascilities.

Breakfast this morning.

Recognize this guy?

Fun with Chinese crafts.

Poster from the wall of the first specialist we saw today.

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