Friday, February 1, 2013

Welcome to 2013: DTC (again) Jan.28

The big news is that my dossier was sent to China last Monday!!! This dossier is to replace the one that was mistakenly used. A whole lot of us are praying that it's accepted as promised and that things go smoothly. Once I have a log in date, I can look at files and find my precious Apple.

I know I've not blogged lately; no news means life is rolling along. Our days are mundane, not even worth taking pictures of since all you'd see are three girls sitting at a table doing school work, or playing with their toys. The girls are all progressing and doing well, considering where they each started.

Sissy has continued to attach and progress. She is applying herself more to her schoolwork and to life in general, which is very nice. There are no magic fixes for being terribly behind in school, but we take things day by day and measure progress from where we started. She has done some very sweet things, like unload the dishwasher several times to surprise me. She's being a very good big sister.

Blossom is also progressing well. Again, progress is measured from where we started, not comparing American kids of the same age. She is progressing in her schoolwork and I've learned to introduce new material slowly and carefully so she doesn't feel overwhelmed or defeated. Again, no magic fixes for being terribly behind in school. Progress is a hug and a kiss and no tantrums at bedtime, not what level math she's doing.

Jie Jie is still tiny and sweet. I'm trying to get her to understand what being 9 years-old means since her birthday is coming up soon, but she only sees her tiny size 5 self and doesn't understand. She says, "But mama, I'm still little. I don't feel big. I'm not ready to be big." She may not realize it, but I can see my baby starting to grow up.

More good news is that the girls are on a much better insurance plan now. We are still with the same HMO, but now it's real insurance that covers everything.

I am looking forward to 2013 with excited eagerness. I've always dreamed of having four children more than I've dreamed of anything else in the world and this year that dream will come true!


kimjax said...

These are the posts where you know everything is going well! :) Mundane happiness is good for our kiddos - they've had enough adventure already. I LOVE your reminder that progress is measured from where they started. I needed to hear that this morning as sometimes I worry for my older child who has so much catching up to do. It's hard not to compare her to her same age sis who's been here since she was a toddler -and become overwhelmed with how much she's missed. Blessings, friend!

Lynnea said...

WOW....what a great update. Sometimes "no news" is actually "good news!!!"
And EXCITED and CAN'T WAIT to see Apple! To see who God has in store for you.
Praying for a LID and that all will go smoothly. Great job in staying the course and not giving up even when such a "BIG" mistake was made in using Apple dossier.
HUGS! Enjoy the weekend!
Oh and I agree about being "sisters!" Your girls would feel "at home here!" lol

Lisa~~ said...

Nice when things are all moving in the right direction. Glad that you and your girls are doing well and hope that things at home and with your paperwork continue smoothly.

gail said...

So happy for you ! I can't wait to see Apple one day soon.

I have been a foster parent for many many years and parented some very tough children. I applaud the progress that you have brought about with Sissy and Blossom. You have a talent given by God and I love learning new things through your blog and watching your family grow in so many ways.

I know that there are so many books on attachment and I have personally been to several seminars on this subject. It is very real and touches all areas of our lives. With that being said, I would love to suggest that you could write a book. I believe it would be so helpful to many families. Just a thought. Like your plate doesn't overflow now. lol

I said all of that to say I think you are doing such an awesome job parenting your children. Blessings abound.........