Friday, March 8, 2013

Fire-Breathing Dragon Cake

For Jie Jie's 9th birthday last month we made a dragon cake. We decided to make this cake a few days after her birthday last year and we'd been looking forward to it all this time. It was very fun and the results were GREAT!

How to make a dragon cake:
Cut two or more bundt cakes in half and place them in a serpentine pattern. The cakes don't have to be the same size. Trim it here and there to get the right head and tail shape.

Frost the cake!

Beady eyes and scales down the back.

Feet are a must or it will look like a snake.

We used Ner*d candy to make the scales but it was hard to eat the cake with such hard candy in the frosting. M*Ms look great, but take a very, very long time to place.

Fire Breathing!

A very happy Birthday Girl!

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME CAKE! Thanks for sharing!