Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fun Family Weekend

Yesterday we had a fun, full day. We began with a girls' church activity that began with breakfast and ended with lunch that had ice cream sundaes for dessert. In between were little classes and lots of socialization. Each of my girls made new friends, shyness and language issues left behind. My girls were amazed to see how tall and independent American girls are. Sissy was particularly impressed with an 11 yr. old girl who walked to the church building alone and was there without her mother. Other girls sang solos on the spot or read aloud from scriptures and talks given by leaders, all very impressive to my three.

In the afternoon, we crossed the Bridge into San Francisco and went to China town for a play presented in Chinese and English in the Classic Chinese Opera style. At the end of the play were demonstrations of Chinese dancing, kung fu and tai chi, which we liked even better then the play. The girls simply LOVED being around so many Chinese people again. It was an excellent reminder for me of the culture they left behind. After the play, we crossed the street and played at a park. Since it was in China town, the playground was full of Chinese children, parents and old men smoking and playing cards and various board games. It felt just like being in China. The girls had sooooo much fun! Another milestone and indicator of how far we've come is how much trust the girls have in me now. Each girl learned how to slide down a pole (like a fireman's pole) that was quite high. They were very, very nervous and had to work up the courage through a series of aborted attempts, but they finally each did it and gleefully announced how I much I love them that I would not let them fall!

I feel so very fortunate to live in this area where there is such a strong Asian community and, specifically, a huge Chinese community for me girls and me, too, because I am, after all, 1/8 Japanese and 1/8 Hawaiian!

We drove home via Lombard St. and I think the steep hills of that area was the highlight of the day for the girls if one measures by the shrieks of delight. As we waited along the Embarcadero to reach the Bay Bridge, we saw the new lights placed on the western span by an artist. I thought they were really neat, but the girls couldn't tell those lights from the rest of the gorgeous city lights so they were not impressed.

Today was also fun, again we went to a park, but our local park. The day was very warm and spring-like so there were many children with their families there. The girls REALLY play now, even Sissy, so being at the park is very fun for all of us more than ever. I donned my rollerblades, for the first time in years, and the girls were dazzled by my skill (I don't know why they didn't notice my arms waving around to keep me on balance!). Now they each want to learn to skate. I can easily imagine how much fun that is going to be - my little Family of 4 skating down the beach!

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kimjax said...

Sounds like fun, and love to see how your girls are settling in!! :)