Thursday, May 23, 2013

Leaving in 20 Days!

The tickets have been purchased. Our Consulate Appointment is on June 24. We'll be staying at the Dolton in Changsha and the Garden in Guangzhou. I'd love to hear from anyone travelling. It's my third trip so I know my way around Guangzhou pretty well and love using the metro (subway). Most importantly, Family Day is June 17!!! We are all very excited to add Apple to our family. I'm also excited for Sissy and Blossom to have a chance to "redo" their China experiences.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Getting Ready for Apple

I received an update on Apple today, at least, a photo and measurements. It looks like she might be in foster care. I should be getting her on June 17!!! The Consulate issued an appointment the week BEFORE the days I asked for, so travel is happening that much sooner.

She is so much bigger now and lost her "baby" look.
Her hair has also grown.

I've got Apple's clothes out and will wash them this weekend.

Some cute little summer outfits that I've collected over the years!

Three days ago was the 6 year 1 month anniversary of being logged in. My estimated time frame I did at the 2 year mark ended up right on target with an mathematical guess of 6 years and 2-4 months to get Apple from my original log in date.

Summer Fun

Sissy being adventurous.

Blossom being adventurous and pretty.

Jie Jie just having fun, despite being too hot.

First time running through the sprinklers for the older girlgs!

Catching Up

As you can see, Blossom is doing wonderfully! All the girls are doing very, very well, but I just happened to capture Blossom's joy on camera lately. She's got a good friend now, too.

Beautiful smile!

This is my favorite picture so far of Blossom and I!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Travel Approval!!!

I am doing the Happy Travel Approval Dance today! Yes, it came today, and, I have a decent internet connection tonight to announce it!

Three days ago I sewed 19 cloth diapers, using my own pattern, of course. Then I found the four big-brand knock-offs I'd made last year. Sunday, I pulled out the bins of baby clothes and got them ready for washing later this week. And I pulled out my box of baby toys and miscellaneous.

I am going to end here and get over to Red Thread and order a care package and update since I'm finally able to be online. Needless to say, very soon I'll have a new internet service provider so I can end this dilemma!