Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Changsha University/Confucius School

It was a little cooler today so after picking up the adoption decree at the civil affairs office, we went to this 1000 year-old school. It was less hot than yesterday, but didn't take long for us to be dripping in sweat. I'm glad to have seen it, and I regret not being able to tour more, but it's logistically very difficult to move my family around China in this heat. One daughter is on medication that increases her risk of over-heating and my new baby sweats excessively as part of her syndrome, so keeping cool and hydrated is paramount. This site is supposedly 1000 years old, but some of it has been rebuilt in 1986. The gate in the first picture is original. This is where Confucius set up his school and where a Chinese emperor came and toured in plain clothes under disguise then decided to build a library where ancient texts now are housed. It's peaceful and beautiful and beautifully scented by the surrounding trees.

Are we in China or The Shire?

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Eliza2006 said...

Look at you and all your little girls! So wonderful to see!