Sunday, June 16, 2013

Relaxing, Hot Day

The outside of hotels are so impressive, hard to capture in a photo, though. We are on the 31st floor of this hotel...

Right next to the hotel is a large library. It is being renovated so it was dirty and dusty and smelled of acetone. We went in anyway and the children enjoyed half an hour in the children's section.

Blossom didn't see me taking this picture.

After the flash went off, she said, "HEY!"

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Catherine said...

What fun to go to the library there. Are your girls still able to read Mandarin?

Ahhh...the Dolton! A beautiful hotel with wonderful people to care for you. The elevator guy is a hoot!!

Praying for you as you're just hours from meeting Apple in the same room I met Hannah! Praying for all of you. SO excited!!